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Updated Regulations For Children’s Parties

Updated Regulations For Children’s Parties

Date: 14th June 2021 | By: Kelly and Debbie

Great news there are finally clear regulations and guidance in place specifically for children's parties.

These are the current guidance and regulations from on 14/06/2021 (you can find the full link to this guidance at  the  end of this blog)


Can I plan a children’s party in a venue such as a community centre, indoor play centre, ice rink, cinema, café, restaurant etc?

Yes, .with the exception of ice rinks, which are not currently permitted to open, you can plan the party at these venues .These venues are examples of regulated premises.

At regulated premises six people from six households (not including children under 11 or carers from any of these six households) can meet indoors.

30 people from 30 households (not including children under 11 or carers from any of these 30 households) can meet outdoors.

Premises can advise you on the rules they have in place, the measures they have put in place and their restrictions on numbers of who can attend the party.

Can I plan a children’s party in my garden?

Yes, however a maximum of 30 people from up to 30 households (not including children under 11 from these households or carers of a member of these households) can meet outdoors, including in private gardens, at any one time.

If you are considering arranging a party in your garden, you should consider how many people could be safely accommodated within the space, taking account of the limit on numbers.

I don’t have access to my garden other than through my house, what do I do?

When meeting in private gardens, visitors can go through the house to reach the garden or outdoor space, but must not stay in the house. You should not use kitchen equipment, cutlery or anything else in another household. Where items are being passed between households, you should ensure items are thoroughly washed and you maintain good hand hygiene. If you can, you should also avoid touching things indoors, such as light switches and door handles.

Can visitors to my children’s garden party use the toilet in my house?

People may enter the house for the purpose of using the toilet, but should keep the amount of time indoors to a minimum. They should only be permitted to enter the house for this purpose one at a time (with a care giver, if assistance is required because of age or ability).

Householders should keep the toilet or bathroom window open and clean toilet and bathroom facilities thoroughly and regularly, preferably after each use. Children should be helped to use the toilet and wash their hands thoroughly (according to their age and abilities), and all adults, should wash their hands thoroughly before and after assisting children. Older children and young people should be reminded regularly of the importance of washing their hands thoroughly and often and not touching their face.


Can I plan a children’s party in my home?

You can do this only if it is attended by members of your individual household (those that live with you) and members of your extended household.

(this means that as entertainers we would not be allowed to enter your home)

There are only limited circumstances in which people who you do not live with or are not part of your extended household can enter your home at present, such as providing medical care or house maintenance. Therefore people (including children under 11 years of age) who do not live with you, or who are not members of your extended household, cannot enter your home to attend your party.

For example, you cannot host a party inside your home for your child (of any age) and invite their whole class to the party. You would only be able to invite children (of any age) who live in one of the households that make up your extended household.

Attending or organising an indoor house party in breach of the regulations is a criminal offence. There is a penalty for taking part in a house party indoors which breaches the regulations and a higher penalty for organising such parties.