A step by step guide to planning a children’s party

Planning A Children’s Party?

Here’s our step by step guide to help you.



When planning your children’s party think about what is going to help make it stress free for you and fun for the children and then prioritise putting that into action. Use your budget wisely!

Party food is important but realistically will only take up 15 minutes (at the most!) of your party, so keep it simple. Decorations are fun but do you really need to blow your budget on that balloon arch?

Most people prioritise entertainment for their party as they see this as the most important element, children need something to do at a party!

Check out our awesome party packages.  At Kelly and Debbie – Entertainers we have great party packages to suit all, stress free options that mean you can enjoy the party too. With over 8000 performances you are in safe hands.


Where To Have Your Party


When considering where to hold your party think about the age of the children that will be attending and how many you would like to invite.

Venue Party. The best idea is to hire a venue ie Community Centre – Sports & Social Club -Function Room or similar. Take into account when booking a venue that you need set up time and clear up time.

House Parties. For small parties you could consider having the party at home – remember to think about what space you have at home to host the party.  A small family gathering for a 1st birthday is very different to a class full of 6 year olds! If you are booking an entertainer, they will need space to set up too.

Depending on the size of your house, you may end up having to move furniture and then there is also the cleaning up after the party to think about.

Garden Parties during the summer are a great option.  Don’t forget to have a contingency plan in place in case of bad weather! Perhaps you have an outside covered area you can use or a small gazebo that could be put up.


Best Time Of Day To Have Your Party


Time your party to fit in with eating times. For example, 11-1pm or 4-6pm. Then the party food can be served at lunchtime or teatime.

Party times of 1-3pm or 2pm-4pm are not the best times to have a party, it doesn’t fit in with lunch or teatime.

Parties in the middle of the day also mean that families you invite are limited to doing anything else on that day. A morning or late afternoon party allows busy families before or after your party to fit in other family commitments that may be happening on that day.

Check the date and time of your party does not clash with any big events, important sporting events or local events that may stop people from attending your party.


Length Of Party


The most popular length of most parties is two hours. this gives time for guests to arrive, allows time for fun and entertainment and a break for food.

We offer different party packages providing entertainment  for the full 2 hours., one hour or 45 minutes.

It’s important to arrange with your entertainer when they are going to arrive and how long their show will last. Make sure the entertainment fits around food being served and other activities going on at the party, as it’s important that they don’t clash.




Once you know where you are holding your party and at what time, you can then send out your invitations.

There are lots of ways to do this you can make your own invitations, buy invitations, send an email, or message

Be warned that paper handout invitations are great but often get lost or hide in the bottom of school bags!

Essential invite information should include your child’s name, the name and postcode of the venue, start & finish time of the party, how to RSVP and your name and contact number.

Added extra questions could include any dietary requirements, whether siblings are welcome.

With all Kelly and Debbie – Entertainers party bookings we now include access to a great free virtual photo invitation that you can use to message or email guests. Virtual invites are also a great way to give your guests a little nudge and reminder to RSVP.

TOP TIP – some people may forget to RSVP. Make sure you have enough food boxes and party bags made up to accommodate everybody you have invited.




If you are planning on doing activities at the party yourself, have a plan in place before the big day.

When planning your activities consider the ages of the children attending and what props and materials you may need.

If you are booking entertainment, once again consider the age of the children attending the party and what type of entertainment is suitable. Good professional entertainers will advise you on the best options for your party.

Here at Kelly and Debbie – Entertainers we have loads of experience of working with all ages and awesome party packages to choose from.



Setting Up Your Party Venue

It’s the big day and time to get this party started!



Be realistic with your budget and decorating skills! Check out with the venue beforehand what you are allowed to put up.

If you are feeling creative, you and the birthday child could enjoy making some decorations before the party.  Not feeling that creative?!  then supermarkets and online retailers stock lots of party decorations, banners and party tablecloths.


Venue Layout

Think about the different areas you need to make your party run smoothly.

These areas need to include an entertainment area, tables and chairs set up for eating and somewhere for parents to sit.

The general way to set up  is to have entertainment at one end of the venue, food tables the opposite end and then place chairs for the parents around the edge of the hall, leaving the space in the middle for dancing, games and entertainment.

Don’t forget an entertainer will need access to a plug point, their area needs to have space for them to set up their equipment and also space in front of that area for the children to dance, play party games and watch the show

It’s a nice idea to have a table close to the entrance of the hall/venue, so those guests who have bought a gift for your child have somewhere to put the gift when they arrive.





As we come out of Covid, to keep everyone safe and hygienic its best to avoid buffets, which are very hands on and food that needs to be passed around.

We would recommend cardboard snack boxes that can be pre-prepared before the party and filled with all the children’s favourites. You could include a sandwich, packet of crisps, tasty treat, small cake or biscuit, fruit and a bottled drink.

Snack boxes are easy to hand out at the party and they avoid you “over catering” and having excess food left at the end of the party. Excited children often don’t eat as much as you think they will !

Decide before the party whether you are going to offer food and tea and coffee to the adults attending the party.



Birthday Cake


Of course, the birthday cake is a very important part of the party. Remember you will need a lighter or matches to light the candles.

Pre-covid nobody really thought about blowing candles out on a birthday cake. Post Covid it is more of a consideration. Think about how you would like to manage this. An idea is to bring out the birthday cake alongside a cup cake. Everyone gets to see the birthday cake and sing happy birthday, but the cupcake acts as the “candle cake and  has the candles on it lit and ready to blow out.




Everyone wants their party to be the best it can be and to be the talk of the playground.  There are some little things at parties that can become a big distraction and will inevitably end up causing arguments, tears and you having a headache within 10 minutes!  Which is not what you want.

The top distractions are

Balloons loose on the floor – best to tie them up high out of reach (or not have them at all)

Children’s toys and footballs – Avoid taking toys from home to the party. Before the party starts cover up or put away any toys left out by the venue.

Noisy blowers and whistles– Save these for the party bags you give out at the end of the party.

Party Area. If you are in a venue that has access to an outside or separate area, decide where you  would like the children to be for the duration of the party,  Having everybody in one area is better than children going between different rooms.

Presents. Your child is going to be very excited and some get overwhelmed with so much happening.  Allow your child to enjoy and take part in the party as it is happening and save present opening for after your party. Later on at home your child will appreciate the time to sit together as a family and open their gifts.  It also give you the opportunity to see who has given gifts and to organise thankyou notes etc,


Let Us Help You

Remember here at Kelly and Debbie – Entertainers we have years of experience at organising and performing at children’s parties.

Contact us now and find out how we can help make your party a roaring success.

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Great news there are finally clear regulations and guidance in place specifically for children’s parties.

These are the current guidance and regulations from wales.gov on 14/06/2021 (you can find the full link to this guidance at  the  end of this blog)


Can I plan a children’s party in a venue such as a community centre, indoor play centre, ice rink, cinema, café, restaurant etc?

Yes, .with the exception of ice rinks, which are not currently permitted to open, you can plan the party at these venues .These venues are examples of regulated premises.

At regulated premises six people from six households (not including children under 11 or carers from any of these six households) can meet indoors.

30 people from 30 households (not including children under 11 or carers from any of these 30 households) can meet outdoors.

Premises can advise you on the rules they have in place, the measures they have put in place and their restrictions on numbers of who can attend the party.

Can I plan a children’s party in my garden?

Yes, however a maximum of 30 people from up to 30 households (not including children under 11 from these households or carers of a member of these households) can meet outdoors, including in private gardens, at any one time.

If you are considering arranging a party in your garden, you should consider how many people could be safely accommodated within the space, taking account of the limit on numbers.

I don’t have access to my garden other than through my house, what do I do?

When meeting in private gardens, visitors can go through the house to reach the garden or outdoor space, but must not stay in the house. You should not use kitchen equipment, cutlery or anything else in another household. Where items are being passed between households, you should ensure items are thoroughly washed and you maintain good hand hygiene. If you can, you should also avoid touching things indoors, such as light switches and door handles.

Can visitors to my children’s garden party use the toilet in my house?

People may enter the house for the purpose of using the toilet, but should keep the amount of time indoors to a minimum. They should only be permitted to enter the house for this purpose one at a time (with a care giver, if assistance is required because of age or ability).

Householders should keep the toilet or bathroom window open and clean toilet and bathroom facilities thoroughly and regularly, preferably after each use. Children should be helped to use the toilet and wash their hands thoroughly (according to their age and abilities), and all adults, should wash their hands thoroughly before and after assisting children. Older children and young people should be reminded regularly of the importance of washing their hands thoroughly and often and not touching their face.


Can I plan a children’s party in my home?

You can do this only if it is attended by members of your individual household (those that live with you) and members of your extended household.

(this means that as entertainers we would not be allowed to enter your home)

There are only limited circumstances in which people who you do not live with or are not part of your extended household can enter your home at present, such as providing medical care or house maintenance. Therefore people (including children under 11 years of age) who do not live with you, or who are not members of your extended household, cannot enter your home to attend your party.

For example, you cannot host a party inside your home for your child (of any age) and invite their whole class to the party. You would only be able to invite children (of any age) who live in one of the households that make up your extended household.

Attending or organising an indoor house party in breach of the regulations is a criminal offence. There is a penalty for taking part in a house party indoors which breaches the regulations and a higher penalty for organising such parties.



Zoom Birthday Parties

During this Covid pandemic Zoom birthday parties have been a great way to get together with friends and family online. Birthdays allow children to stay connected with their friends, family and communities. Getting together reminds children that they have people around that care for them. Getting connected with each other gives a feeling of togetherness, even if we are not all in the same place.

Are Zoom Birthday Parties Here To Stay?

As we slowly come out of this pandemic, the question is, will Zoom birthday parties continue to be a party option for families?  We think that  professional zoom parties are here to stay. Long term Zoom parties can connect friends, grandparents and family that don’t live locally and who would normally miss out on birthday celebrations.  In the short term if you are still feeling anxious about mixing with groups of people, are in a vulnerable group or just prefer to party online at home then Zoom parties are for you.  As restrictions lift it may well be that Zoom birthday parties will work alongside the traditional party. We predict families booking a Zoom party  for family and friends and a school class party in a community centre.  The great thing is that modern technology ultimately gives us so many options and much more flexibility.

Having a professional family entertainer at your virtual get together makes a big difference. A professional party entertainer helps to keep the atmosphere going and gives people something to focus on and join in with.

During the pandemic we have been performing online at various events and birthday parties. From an entertainers point of view it’s a very strange experience, but it’s been fun and we have no plans to dismantle our Zoom Party Studio just yet.

A Kelly and Debbie Zoom Party

Our Zoom parties are full on interactive fun. Party dances. Magic Mayhem Show and a special guest experience from our Puppet Mania friends.

Feeling overwhelmed, suffering with party guilt,
Contact us, chat with us
We can help with providing a fully interactive virtual zoom party. We will also give you useful Zoom Party birthday tips. Need help with the technical stuff? we will assist to get your party online with no fuss.
Birthdays can still be joyful even during these times.

Contact Kelly and Debbie – Entertainers on 07976 767 882  or if you prefer fill out the contact form on our contact us page.


Children’s Garden Parties

There is always a lot to think about when hosting a children’s party, even more so at the moment with Covid rules and regulations. Children’s garden parties are a  great option to help celebrate your child’s birthday We hope that this guide will help you host a fun and stress free Children’s Garden Party.

Setting up your garden

Is your garden child friendly? Any garden tools should be put away safely out of reach. Children’s toys can be a distraction during the party so are best put away out of sight until the party is coming to an end.

Check the garden is safe and secure and that children cannot leave the garden (for example through an unlocked gate)

You will need an area clear for the children to enjoy party games , dancing and maybe even a show.


For the grown-ups

At some point your adult guests will want to sit down and relax while the children have fun. Before your guests arrive it’s a good idea to spread some chairs around the garden.  Remember social distancing.

Don’t forget after your party you may want to clean and sanitise the chairs you have used

For the children

Use picnic blankets for the children to sit on. Picnic blankets are an easy option, they are quick and easy to lay out layout and adaptable to any size space.


If you have parasols or umbrellas they are handy for shade on a very hot day. Taking in to account the Welsh/UK weather, they can also offer protection from any unexpected rain shower!

The Best Food At Children’s Garden Parties- Keep It Simple

To keep everyone safe its best to avoid both buffets, which are very hands on and food that needs to be passed around.

We would recommend cardboard snack boxes that can be pre-prepared before the party and filled with all the children’s favourites. You could include a sandwich, packet of crisps, tasty treat, small cake or biscuit, fruit and a bottled drink.

The Birthday Cake

Even though we think that the traditional blowing out of candles on a birthday cake may well become a thing of the past, we do have a solution.  Instead of putting the candles on the main birthday cake, you could put the candles on to a cup cake. Sing happy birthday and blow the candles out on the cup cake. You can then slice the main birthday cake ready for your guests to take home.

We Can Help. Children’s Garden Parties Can Be Stress Free & Fun

At Kelly and Debbie – Entertainers  we can safely say that our children’s garden parties are proving a huge success and are very popular. We will keep the children entertained with games, dancing, magic and balloons. You can sit back and relax while the children have fun.  We are more than happy to chat things through. You can call us on  07976 767 882 or if you prefer fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.