Zoom Birthday Parties

Zoom Birthday Parties

During this Covid pandemic Zoom birthday parties have been a great way to get together with friends and family online. Birthdays allow children to stay connected with their friends, family and communities. Getting together reminds children that they have people around that care for them. Getting connected with each other gives a feeling of togetherness, even if we are not all in the same place.

Are Zoom Birthday Parties Here To Stay?

As we slowly come out of this pandemic, the question is, will Zoom birthday parties continue to be a party option for families?  We think that  professional zoom parties are here to stay. Long term Zoom parties can connect friends, grandparents and family that don’t live locally and who would normally miss out on birthday celebrations.  In the short term if you are still feeling anxious about mixing with groups of people, are in a vulnerable group or just prefer to party online at home then Zoom parties are for you.  As restrictions lift it may well be that Zoom birthday parties will work alongside the traditional party. We predict families booking a Zoom party  for family and friends and a school class party in a community centre.  The great thing is that modern technology ultimately gives us so many options and much more flexibility.

Having a professional family entertainer at your virtual get together makes a big difference. A professional party entertainer helps to keep the atmosphere going and gives people something to focus on and join in with.

During the pandemic we have been performing online at various events and birthday parties. From an entertainers point of view it’s a very strange experience, but it’s been fun and we have no plans to dismantle our Zoom Party Studio just yet.

A Kelly and Debbie Zoom Party

Our Zoom parties are full on interactive fun. Party dances. Magic Mayhem Show and a special guest experience from our Puppet Mania friends.

Feeling overwhelmed, suffering with party guilt,
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We can help with providing a fully interactive virtual zoom party. We will also give you useful Zoom Party birthday tips. Need help with the technical stuff? we will assist to get your party online with no fuss.
Birthdays can still be joyful even during these times.

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